• Finding stock item at ease
    You can find stock item easily and at faster pace when creating new transaction document, e.g. Invoice. Once you enter the first letter of item code / item description, it will instantly highlight the nearest item code / item description.

Finding stock item
  • Advanced Search Function
    AutoCount Accounting has strong search capability to help you find transactions easily. By typing even a single character, you will get search results that match your search criteria. If it is not sufficient, Advanced Search Option will give you more in-dept search option. Here, you can filter your search options, whether filter by range or by multi-select.

Advanced Search function
Speedy, reliability and scalability
AutoCount Accounting sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server which gives you reliable database. Most of the AutoCount Accounting function has been optimized for fastest speed. Using ADO.NET, AutoCount Accounting provides greater performance and more scalable than traditional client server application.
  • Reliable database
    AutoCount Accounting is designed to work on award-winning Microsoft SQL Server which is well known for its stability and speedy performance. You will never have to run re-index function which is common in File-based database system. Besides, the transaction control in the Microsoft SQL Server ensured data consistency.
  • Work over Internet
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can access data stored remotely in a computer through internet connection. No matter where you are, you can access to your office server information anywhere, anytime.
  • Work over wireless network
    With the advantages of disconnected data access technology, AutoCount Accounting is among the very few accounting software that can perform reliably in multi user wireless environment. As you know, wireless network is well known for its connection instability. Traditional file-based database or client-server database will be easily non-responding when the connection is down. In AutoCount Accounting, after the connection is connected, you can resume your work without have to end task your system.
  • Backup & Restore
    It is advisable that you backup and restore your data frequently in the case that you may lose your data. AutoCount Accounting provides you strong and reliable backup support. You can backup your data with password protection to ensure data security. In multi-user network environment, you can backup / restore your data without requiring other users to logout from the system.

Backup and restoring files

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