• Scheduled Backup
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can schedule backup your data by installing AutoCount Schedule Backup program. You can schedule backup at specific time everyday. Hence you will not lost your data because forget to backup data.
  • Work Data Recovery
    AutoCount Accounting auto-save features helps you recover lost data due to improper PC / program shut down. By default, it saves your working document in K.I.V. folder every 30 seconds. Thus, you will never have to redo your work when power failure occurred. Instead, you can continue previous document entry once power restored.

Auto-save Document setting
  • Scalable Network Users
    Using ADO.NET, AutoCount Accounting provides greater performance and scalability of multi-users concurrently access than traditional client server technology. In AutoCount Accounting, you can easily allow more than 30 users access the system concurrently.
Better Security and Authority
AutoCount Accounting multi-level access right control feature helps to regulate user accessibility to each system function. Different users will be given different access right which provides higher level of security and authority control in the multi-user network environment.
  • Multi-Level access right control
    AutoCount Accounting provides higher level of security setting in multi-user environment. Each user is assigned a user ID and password with certain access right. The access right control gives detailed accessibility to each functions and modules.

Multi-level access right control
  • Audit Trail
    Audit Trail is to record and report on any changes made to transactions. Here, you can monitor each user's activity in the system, including who made changes and when and where.

Audit Trail

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