• Stock Item Inquiry
    By click on information tab, you can inquire stock level, pricing, price history and other stock information at Stock Item Inquiry.

Stock Item Inquiry screen
  • Instant Info
    You can always click on Instant Info bar when creating new transaction document. It provides you information on Stock Balance, Debtor / Creditor Aging, Price History, Stock Item Information and Item Replacement. Hence, you would be better informed before agreeing a new deal.

Instant Info bar
  • Complete report function
    AutoCount 2006 offers more than 1000 combinations of analysis reports, financial reports, inventory and stock control reports with different report format available. You can even edit it with build-in Report Designer.
  • Drill Down to Source Document
    AutoCount Accounting drill-down feature allows you to drill down to source documents from reports and chart of accounts. It saves your time in verifying figure displayed in reports and chart of accounts and edit it when necessary.

Drill down from report

Drill down from chart of accounts

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