Saves time, works efficiently
In AutoCount Accounting, all modules are designed to work seamlessly to minimize your workload and to reduce human error. With real time posting, data entered will update your reports and inquiry screen instantly.
  • Save Data Faster
    Data entry function in AutoCount Accounting has been optimized to shorten your time in saving data. Now, you will never have to wait for several minutes to save your data in the system.
  • Real Time Posting
    AutoCount Accounting integrates accounting, stock and invoicing into single system. Once transaction saved, it will post to GL accounts and update reports instantly. For example, when your sales invoice is saved, it will update your account and stock reports instantly.
Easy Access to Information
Finding data in large database can be time consuming. However, AutoCount powerful and versatile search features helps you find stored data at ease.
  • Account Inquiry
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can access to up-to-date business information in one-screen. In Account Inquiry, you can access to Aging, Contact, Price History and other information of your debtors by click on the information tab. You can drill down to source documents for detailed information.

Inquire account information in Account Inquiry

Inquire customer information in Account Inquiry

Drill down from Account Inquiry

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