Better Business Solutions
AutoCount Accounting provides better business solution to help you manage business data at ease. It saves your time and ensures smooth business flow of your business.
  • AR and AP Contra
    It is easy to perform contra transaction in AutoCount Accounting. Once debtor and creditor had selected, you only need to tick on the knock off column to complete transaction.

Performing AR / AP Contra
  • Document Transfer
    In AutoCount Accounting, you do not have to enter data repeatedly. It supports full and partial document transfer. You can generate new invoice or cash sale from existing delivery order, sales order or quotation. By selecting partial transfer option, you can edit transferred document.

Document Transfer from Delivery Order to Invoice
  • Handle Returned Cheque
    It only takes few steps to handle returned cheque in AutoCount Accounting. You only need to select payment from AR Receive Payment, highlight it and tick on RCHQ column to complete transaction.

Handle Returned Cheque
  • Handle Full and Partial Payment
    AutoCount Accounting provides an easy way to record customer payment. Once debtor had selected, it will show list of past business transactions. You can knock off bill and enter payment, whether it is full or partial payment.

Handle Full and Partial Payment

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