Sharing Across Application In AutoCount Accounting, you can share business data across other application, whether it is import from other application or export to other application. With just a click away, you can email reports instantly.
  • Import from Microsoft Excel
    With default excel templates, you can import files maintained in Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc or any spreadsheet application to AutoCount Accounting. In addition, you also import your data in Microsoft Excel to Journal Entry.
  • Export Grid Content
    In AutoCount Accounting, you can export your listing to Excel, Text, HTML and XML format.

Export Grid content to other application

Grid content exported to Excel format
  • Export Report
    With report export features, you can view your reports in PDF, Text, CST, MHT, Excel, Rich Text, Graphic format.

Export report to other application

Report exported to PDF format
  • Email your report With just a mouse click, you can email your reports. In addition, you can email the Debtor Statement to each of your debtor with a single mouse click.