How the trial version calculates transaction count?

In AutoCount Accounting or AutoCount Express, when you create a new document or edit an existing document, the transaction count is increased by one. However, when you delete a document, the transaction count will not decrease by one.

A document can be any type of the following transactions: Cash Book Entry, Journal Entry, A/R Invoice, A/R Debit Note, A/R Credit Note, A/R Payment, A/R Refund, A/R and A/P Contra, A/P Invoice, A/P Debit Note, A/P Credit Note, A/P Payment, A/P Refund, Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Cash Sale, Debit Note, Credit Note, Cancel S/O, Delivery Return, Request Quotation, Purchase Order, Goods Received Note, Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase, Purchase Return, Cancel P/O, Goods Return, Stock Adjustment, Stock Issue, Stock Receive, Stock Transfer, Stock Write Off, Stock UOM Conversion, Stock Update Cost, Bonus Point Adjustment, Bonus Point Redemption, Stock Assembly Order, Stock Assembly.