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Auto Count had recently conducted customer survey with AutoCount Accounting users to measure our progress, to identify areas that need attention and to strengthen relationship. Survey results indicated that most of the survey participants are satisfied and agree that AutoCount Accounting is a user-friendly product. They find it easy-to- learn, flexible and adequate to their job function. Below some of the remarks quoted from the survey.

DHJ (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
AutoCount has matured very well since we started using it in 2003. Our company placed high importance on database integrity and program reliability. Hence, we are happy to note that AutoCount is using high quality and powerful software for its database engine and programming language. AutoCount is wonderful because although it has powerful and flexible features, it is also easy to configure and use.


Sport Equipment Sdn Bhd
"We choose AutoCount Accounting over other accounting software as it is reliable, price is attractive and no need special machine to run the program. It does not require big resources and expensive machine, which makes it cost effective."
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Captain Siva

Eng Kee Agency
"User friendly and not complicated. As long as we know how to key in data and do posting, it is ok. AutoCount Accounting is easy to learn."

Ms. Irene

Nutrien Jati Sdn Bhd

Ms. Nor Azlin

Xin Win Fasteners Sdn Bhd
"Lighten workload and save time."

Mr. Jeffery Koo

K3 Metal Service Center Sdn Bhd
"It is user friendly, even for new staff."

Ms. Jessie Loo

Koh & I Trading
"I find it very user friendly, for the trading company etc. Then the screen appearance is fine, the color is comfortable for users."

Ms. Selina

Axis Property
"It can automatically post to the ledger account."

Ms. Linda

Forken System Technology Sdn Bhd
"I like the grid export to excel part."

Mr. P.W. Wong

Pin Wee Food
"Strong search function. We can find what we want easily and fast. It is not complicated. You may not find it from other software"

Ms. Carmen